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Recycling Program

Help Ben Franklin Recycle!

Ben Franklin School 2019-2020 Recycle Program

Recycling Sponsor: chelsea.adler@uasdraiders.org

Please do not throw your bottles and cans away. Save them and recycle them at school so we can earn rewards points through PepsiCo Recycle Rally!

  • Gather and rinse out bottles and cans at home. We need plastic bottles labeled with “PETE or PET #1” and “HDPE #2” and non-alcoholic aluminum cans. Examples of items include: water bottles, juice bottles, soda bottles, sports drink bottles, milk jugs, and many more!
  • Bring bottles and cans to school. Collection takes place every other Wednesday from 3:30-4:00 in the parking lot behind the school. See calendar for dates.
  • If you cannot bring bottles and cans at the designated time, you can drop them off in the blue bin (beside the big green dumpster) in the parking lot behind the school after school hours.

Your recyclable cans and bottles will help BF earn rewards while making the world a cleaner place! Thank you for your help!